The Australasian Meal Panel


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How Much?   

$6 a time. $3 for completing the survey plus $3 for mailing us your grocery dockets for that week (free mail). Also. if you get others to take part, you are rewarded with an extra $3 for each one.

How Often?   

A new survey is available about every six weeks through the year. We email you with a link when a new survey starts. You can stay in the Panel for as long as you like. Some people have been in it for over 6 years!

Who Can Join and What Are They About?   

They are designed for the main grocery buyer of the household. Only one person from each household can join. They are all about food shopping (what you bought, where, why, etc) during that week. They take 5 to 8 mins to complete.

How Do I Get Paid?   

Payments are made after every second survey into your PayPal or bank account.

Who Are You?

We are DBY Research, a consumer research company that specialises in food and food retailing.  We need grocery buyers across Australia to tell us what foods they buy and what they eat on a regular basis.  The information sought is not of a sensitive or private nature. It is strictly confidential and will not be sold, lent or given to any other party ever.

What To Do Now:

Click on "FIRST TIME VISITOR?" on the left.   Then answer the short questions.  We will email you when the next survey starts.

If you have been REFERRED by an existing member, don't forget to enter the 5-digit code that member gave you.